A million wildebeest… each one driven by the same ancient rhythm, fulfilling its instinctive role in the inescapable cycle of life: a frenzied three-week bout of territorial conquests and mating; survival of the fittest as 40km (25 mile) long columns plunge through crocodile-infested waters on the annual exodus north; replenishing the species in a brief […]


The Lake Tanganyika lies 773m. above sea level within the Africa Great Rift Valley on western Tanzania. It stretches 667km from Burundi to northern Zambia at a depth of more than 1433 meters. Lake Tanganyika is the longest freshwater lake in the world and the second deepest lake after Lake Baikal in Russia. It is […]


Stretching for 50km along the base of the rusty-gold 600-metre high Rift Valley escarpment, Lake Manyara is a scenic gem, with a setting extolled by Ernest Hemingway as “the loveliest I had seen in Africa”. The compact game-viewing circuit through Manyara offers a virtual microcosm of the Tanzanian safari experience. From the entrance gate, the […]


Lake Eyasi is a soda lake located at the southwest corner of Ngorongoro Crater in the conservation area highlands. The lake is around 1050 km2 (400 square miles) and is 1040 m (3400 feet) above sea level. The main tributary is the Sibiti River and the secondary tributary is the Baray River. The Baray River […]


Lake Natron is a saline lake located in Northern Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border, in Tanzania’s Great Rift Valley. The lake is quite shallow, less than three meters (10 feet) deep, and varies in width depending on its water level. Lake Natron is a fascinating, almost surreal location. Due to salt-loving microorganisms that live […]


Also known as Lake Malawi, the Tanzanian side of Lake Nyasa borders the Livingstone Mountains and stretches out towards Malawi and Mozambique. The towns of Kyela, Itungi, and Matema make good bases from which to visit the lake, which contains almost a third of the known cichlids – a species of freshwater tropical fish – […]


  The lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest freshwater in the world. It is about 68,800 sq. km. Located in the North of Tanzania, the lake is shared by 3 other East African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania However, more than half of the lake lies within Tanzanian […]