Our Vehicles


We have our own safari vehicles; the latest modified Land Cruisers (4 wheel drive). These vehicles are comfortable with high backed seats and plenty of leg space. The roof hatches allow optimal wildlife viewing since this roof can flip to the front, back and even taken off completely from the vehicle. This way you can stand up, out of the top of the vehicle or even sit on the roof. During long travel distances the roof will be closed. Our vehicles are fully equipped with first aid kits, built-in fridge and long range radio system for easy communication.

The roof can open push upwards, still provide shadow from the sun. Also give you wide space to stand-up and have a better vantage for viewing wildlife.


All our vehicles are installed with 110v and 220v power adapters to make it possible to charge camera batteries.


We made all the windows in the vehicle as large as possible so guests can have a better viewing experience. Windows can also slide to open and close


You have radio call communication at every location of your safari. While in the remote areas and some location, radio calls can be useful to track some game internal to the habitats


All our vehicles have a small fridge to keep beverages cold. This is not to be taken for granted especially after a long day out in the savannah.


Every safari vehicle is equipped with a first aid kit. Our guides are trained to use this in case of emergencies. Our guides have undertaken a special course on emergency response and rescue