Escarpment Luxury Lodge

The Lodge

Inviting the incredible beauty of the African bush in expanses of windows and doors mean that you have nature right around you as you sit in the comfort and luxury of the superbly appointed bar lounge. A spreading deck surrounding the main lodge affords you breathtaking views of the lake and the gorge upon which the lodge perches watch pelican sweep the skies as you take sundowners, see the sun slip like a segment of orange into the hills and listen to the sounds of Africa nestle up to you as night slides in.

Perched high on the rim of the Great Rift Valley, Escarpment Luxury Lodge is a serene haven overlooking the wonder of Lake Manyara below. Offering 16 private, tastefully decorated chalets, this luxury en-suite accommodation provides visitors with breathtaking views of the picturesque biosphere around Lake Manyara National Park.

The main lodge area features a tastefully designed lounge bar just off the restaurant, serving exquisitely crafted dishes. A selection of soothing massages, along with an array of activities such as walking safaris, cultural tours, game drives, bush dinners and breakfasts, make this a truly idyllic destination to escape the stresses of daily life!


Escarpment Luxury Lodge boasts 16 luxurious appointed, private chalets offering single, double, and triple occupancy. Each chalet has its own private deck to take in the magnificent sight of Lake Manyara and wildlife passing through the lodge grounds. Abundant bird life fills the trees and bushes growing directly around the decks of each chalet, affording a the sense of complete immersion with nature.

Quality wooden floors along with fully glazed windows and doors, add to the natural feel of the lodge and every effort has been made to ensure the utmost in comfort and luxury. Enjoy oversize beds with soft linens, leather sofas, handmade and recycled finishes in keeping with our intention to encourage an eco-friendly environment, and a deep, freestanding bath to soak away while surveying the beauty of the bush and the lake.

Wake in the mornings to the gentle sound of a traditional wooden cow-bell, before rising to a new day of adventure or pure relaxation. Artifacts used in Masaai culture complete the well appointed interiors. Each of our luxury chalets feature both indoor and outdoor showers. Imagine the glory of taking a shower under African night sky while listen to the sounds of the bush around you, or after rising to the sound of bird life during the early hours of each day.

In-Room Bed & Bath

• Comfy Oversize Bed
• Quality Linen
• Leather Sofa
• Writing Desk
• Soothing Range of Bath Products
• Wraparound Terrace
• Rain Shower
• Deep Freestanding Bath
• Private Outdoor Shower
Utmost Relaxation

• Harmoniously integrated within nature, overlooking Lake Manyara National Park and the Great Rift Valley, our tranquil retreat is an ideal place to escape the stress of everyday life while making the most of timeless days.
Walking Safaris

• Venturing out from the surrounds of Escarpment Luxury Lodge, an engaging stroll in the company of an authentic Maasai warrior unravels the little mysteries that nature has to offer, while taking in the grandeur of the Great Rift Valley.

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