With 4,566 meters height,  Meru Mountain is the second highest point in Tanzania. It is located in the North-East of Arusha over looking at the highest peak in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro. Meru Mountain is part of Arusha National Park, for that case you will have the opportunity to walk through the game that you might come across, most likely giraffes and buffaloes,  to the starting point of your hike.  Its extinct crater is easily accessible from Arusha town, which lies at the mountain’s southern baseTrekking is steeper in Meru Mountain, climbing takes  2 days up and 2 days down depending on the weather and physical fitness of the person It has beautiful surroundings entertained by wild animals as reedbucks, buffaloes, elephants, duikers and colorful birds.Wild flowers such as fireballs lilies are common. At the crater walls, which dominated by the podo and juniper trees. Olive pigeons flying from tree to tree while singing wildly. On the other hand red-headed parrots relaxing and enjoying podo fruits.