1. We act as agents between yourself and suppliers to secure the best booking for you as client however we cannot be held responsible for any defects, changes or cancellations in the bookings or trips, which includes, but is not limited to, delays, loss or damages arising from any causes, including dissatisfaction with the booking, or any loss, damage or delay caused by the suppliers or any third party.
  2. All vouchers, tickets and receipts issued by the supplier, tour operator or any third party will be subject to their terms and conditions and you undertake to abide thereby while doing so and participating throughout the trip at your own risk and liability.
  3. African Budget Safaris, its directors, staff, employees, agents and assigns are hereby indemnified by yourself against any claim for loss or damage whatsoever that may arise or have arisen in connection with any services supplied or offered by or in connection with them.
  4. Any claim or claims which you, your agent, executor, heirs or assigns may have for any compensation for damages or loss, or the like from Out-back Africa resulting from injury or any loss occasioned whatsoever, are hereby irrevocably waived and this includes any transportation to or during the trip as well as any illness, injury or death arising during or after the trip.

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