1. To secure your reservation, a 30% (thirty per cent) deposit will be required to be paid to Out-back Africa at the time of reservation of the booking and submission of the completed booking form. Failure to do so timeously will result in the automatic cancellation of your booking.
  1. The remaining balance of payment amounting to 70% (seventy per cent) must be paid to us 60 days prior to the commencement of your booking however if you have booked your trip within 60 days of departure, the full payment must be paid on date of reservation to secure your booking.
  1. Outback Africa charges a 3% booking service fee for all reservations. However, we will waive this fee for clients who opt to pay by bank transfer, or who pay via our online payment partner, Pay4Free.
  1. Should you be quoted by us in a foreign currency, payment to us will need to be made in either South African rand (ZAR) or United States Dollars (USD) and Out-back Africa will advise you in which currency payment is to be made as the election in this regard does not belong with the client. Any bank charges incurred as a result of such a payment or foreign exchange differences will be for your account, notwithstanding the method of payment chosen.
  1. Outback Africa Safaris reserves the right to cancel reservations should your deposit or balance of payment not be received on time.
  1. Outback African Safaris reserves the right to increase a quotation before receipt of payment should the supplier increase the prices, this despite the quotation already having been issued. The updated prices will be posted to the website as soon as possible after notification.
  1. Should you have paid in full for your booking and there are increases that occur in pricing that neither ourselves as agent nor the suppliers have any control of, you will be liable for these increases and will be billed accordingly. This can be as a result of several factors including, but not restricted to, Government Tax increases that affect tourism related services and Park Fee Increases.

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