1. We will present you with an itinerary but travel through Africa is intended to be fun, spontaneous and adventurous. This results in the itinerary being little more than a guideline of your trip and subject to change as there are many factors and conditions beyond the control of Out-back Africa and the supplier, such as extreme weather, political conditions, outbreak and road passabilty to mention, but not be limited, to a few.
  2. Should alternative arrangements be deemed necessary, Out-back Africa will endeavour to provide this as adequately as possible but which may incur extra costs for which you are liable. Should alternative arrangements not be possible, we will strive to refund you the portion of unutilized services, subject to our recovery from the supplier. Similarly should you choose not to partake in the alternate itinerary, Out-back Africa will strive to refund you as above and subject to recovery from the supplier.
  1. Should it be necessary to arrange alternative or additional transport to the end destination of the trip, Out-back Africa will assist where possible and any additional cost of procuring such transport will be payable by you, as necessary.

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